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Bibliofilia antigua V.

Dietrich BRIESEMEISTER (Author)


José María LÓPEZ PIÑERO (Author)

Isabel MOYANO ANDRÉS (Author)

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Studies. Collection of incunabula.

20,5 X 27,5 cm.
Half simil leather gold engraved.
Includes the reproductions of many prints.

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Compilation book written in Spanish of the studies and comments corresponding to each of the facsimiles published in the Fifth Plan of the Collection of Incunabula and Ancient Books.

Each study has been carried out by an author according to the following index:

• “El compendio de los boticarios”, by José María López Piñero, Former Head of the Instituto de Estudios Documentales e Históricos sobre la Ciencia of the Universitat de València, CSIC.

• “Meditationes”, by Isabel Moyano Andrés, Head of Printed Reserve of the Biblioteca Nacional de España.

• “Stultiferae naves”, by Dietrich Briesemeister, Former Head of the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut Preussischer Kulturbesitz-Berlin.

• “La historia de la composición del cuerpo humano”, by José María López Piñero, Former Head of the Instituto de Estudios Documentales e Históricos sobre la Ciencia of the Universitat de València, CSIC.

• “La historia de las amors e vida del cavaller Paris e de Viana”, by Antoni Ferrando Francés, Professor of the Faculty of Philology of the Universitat de València.

IBIC Rating:

AC History of art / art & design styles
ACN History of art & design styles: c 1400 to c 1600
ACND Renaissance art
AFC Painting & paintings
AFF Drawing & drawings
AFH Prints & printmaking
AFJ Other graphic art forms
AFT Decorative arts
AGH Human figures depicted in art
AGR Religious subjects depicted in art
DNF Literary essays
DSBB Literary studies: classical, early & medieval
DSBD Literary studies: c 1500 to c 1800
FC Classic fiction (pre c 1945)
FRH Historical romance
HBJD European history
HBLC Early history: c 500 to c 1450/1500
HBLC1 Medieval history
HBLH Early modern history: c 1450/1500 to c 1700
HPCB Western philosophy: Medieval & Renaissance, c 500 to c 1600
HPQ Ethics & moral philosophy
HRA Religion: general

HRAM Religious issues & debates
HRAX History of religion
HRC Christianity HRCC2 Church history
HRCC7 Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholic Church
HRCG Biblical studies & exegesis
HRCM Christian theology
HRCS Christian spirituality & religious experience
JFCX History of ideas
JFM Ethical issues & debates
JHBZ Sociology: death & dying
JHMC Social & cultural anthropology, ethnography
MBX History of medicine
MFC Anatomy
MMG Pharmacology
PDX History of science
PN Chemistry
PST Botany & plant sciences
WCS Antiques & collectables: books, manuscripts, ephemera & printed matter

1D Europe
1DSE Spain
1DSEH Castilla y León, Autonomous Community
1DSEJ Cataluña, Autonomous Community
1DSET Valenciana, Autonomous Community
1DST Italy
2ADS Spanish
3H c 1000 CE to c 1500
3JB c 1500 to c 1600