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Disegni 1470-1489. Volume 1.

Disegni 1489-1519. Volume 2.

Leonardo DA VINCI (Author)

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Leonardo da Vinci.
35 x 50 cm.
Hand made. Gold engraved leather on wooden board.
Book and wood dust jacket.
Special “Dali” paper by Poliedra. “La Chiave di lettura” critical apparatus and editing system: numbered references are placed on transparent paper, referring to the key features of Leonardo’s original drawings and letters, enabling his work to be studied and these points commented in separate notes. 506 facsimile drawings.




In these codex, are collected all the autograph drawings that were made from 1470 to 1519.

The main part of the works refers to preliminary studies about pictures which were made later. For example the two “Annunciazione”, “L’Adorazione dei Magi”, “La Vergine delle Rocce”, “La Madonna del Fiore”. Some studies were used to make works which had been realized by other painters (for example “Madonna Litta”) or had never been painted (for example “Madonna del Gatto”, “Madonna della coppa di frutta”). The studies of military art and the Moral Allegories are a lot.

This volume has 108 drawings, which are saved in the most prestigious museums and private collections all in the world. They are gathered in three sections corresponding to an important period of Leonardo’s life. The first part has 32 drawings, made among 1470-1477: The apprenticeship period in Verrocchio’s studio. The second part has 38 tables, made among 1478-1481: In this period Leonardo worked alone. The last part has also 38 tables, made between 1482-1489, and concerns the first years of Leonardo’s stay in Milan. The succession of the drawings is chronological. Every table is followed by technical and explicative notes, which can help the reader to understand and place them correctly in Leonardo’s production.

Volume 2 contains drawings and designs made by Leonardo between 1489 and 1519, the year of his death.

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