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Historia de yervas, y plantas, con los nombres griegos, latinos y españoles.

Leonard FUCHS (Author)

Juan de JARAVA (Translator)

Jean de Laet (Printer)

Origin: Antwerp, XVI c.
Biblioteca Histórico-Médica de la Universitat de València.

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Facsimile. Old Books. Collection of Incunabula and Old Books.

11 x 17 cm.
270+5 crd.
540+10 crd.
28th February 1995.
Parchment on wooden board.
Presentation dust jacket cloth lined with gold engraved leather spine containing facsimile.
Numbered by notary and signed by the printer-publisher.
Specially made laid paper.
Optional: Study in Spanish conducted by José María López Piñero (Former Professor of the History of Science, Former Head of the Instituto de Estudios Documentales e Históricos de la Ciencia of the Universitat de València, CSIC). Included in
Bibliofilia Antigua III.
The title page announces that included are "its lifelike painted figures". 520 illustrations.

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The volume consists of an atlas of 520 illustrations of mainly Old World plants, with a few American ones. They are the most beautiful and exact xylographs of the whole botanic theme printed in XVI century Europe, since they are the famous ones of the work of Leonhart Fuchs, De historia stirpium (1542), on each of which Jarava offers a brief comment in Spanish. Due to Fuchs being a protestant notary, the Spanish Inquisition forbid his name to appear on Jarava’s volume, which may be checked on the copy reproduced which is kept in the Biblioteca Histórico-Médica de la Universitat de València.


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