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Medidas del romano.

Diego SAGREDO (Author)

Luis Rodrigues (Printer)

Origin: Lisbon, XVI c.
Biblioteca Nacional de España.

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Facsimile. Old Books. Collection of Incunabula and Old Books.

14,2 x 20 cm.
44+4 crd.
88+8 crd.
Ancient Spanish (Castilian).
10th June 1541.
3rd December 2004.
Parchment on wooden board.
Presentation dust jacket cloth lined with gold engraved leather spine containing facsimile.
Numbered by notary and signed by the printer-publisher.
Specially made laid paper.
Optional: Study in Spanish: author yet to be determined. Included in
Bibliofilia Antigua XI.
Gothic script in two font sizes. On the title page an intricate engraving can be seen. Xylographical initials of different font sizes. Multiple geometrical figures and illustrations of architectural pieces can be seen throughout the text.

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If we keep reading this work's title, we'll discover further interesting information, because the Medidas offers "añadidas de muchas piejas y figuras muy necessarias a los officiales que quieren seguir las formaciones de las Basas, Columnas, Capiteles, y otras piezas de los edificios antiguos". The images have great details or very simple, bigger or smaller depending of the needing for explanation, included beside the text. They demonstrate that the purpose became reality. Definitely, we are in front of a magnificent book for those keen on architecture and classical art.

The receiver of the dedicatory of the author from Burgos is the archbishop from Toledo, Alfonso de Fonseca. The title page includes the title and year of printing in black and red ink, everything inside a beautiful architectural xylographic frame. It has details related to Portugal, as the printer or the editor, maybe was both things or maybe only the second one, he worked in Lisbon.


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